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About us

Cabana Couture is a swimwear line born to convenience women with a lifestyle based around beach and travel. Created with the founder’s own needs in mind, Cabana Couture offers unmatched convenience and is the ultimate beach-lifestyle product.

 Our line combines two main items of travel wear; sundresses and swimwear. The outcome is a functional outfit that eliminates the need to change for different atmospheres….

from beach to bar, boat to boathouse, board to boardwalk
 We are a solution that fills the gaps left by the traditional cover-up. While appropriate at times, cover-ups are not a substitute for clothing, and you will likely need to change for some point in your day. The two in one aspect of our suits makes it easy to be fashionable while you travel, and are more functional and convenient than a cover-up. You pay good money for your suits, and you look great in them, they should not be “covered-up” but rather complimented and adjusted to meet the outfit requirements of your day (not to mention how uncomfortable it is to wear a bikini under your clothes). Limit your packing, never waste time thinking of an outfit again, let Cabana Couture help you focus on your trip in style.